Knotty Knott

by Sherif Awad

Knotty Knott

Michael "Knotty" Knott has been acting for over sixty years. Given the name Knotty since his school days, he started his artistic career when he was only twelve years old. Then, under Rona Knight, first studied performing between 1964 and 1967 at the Corona Academy of Dramatic Art in London. Knott landed many TV and cinema roles in addition to his very well-known appearance as a actor for commercials across the various media.

“Right now, I am sixty-six”, says Knott. “The industry is getting younger getting younger because I'm not getting as much work as I used to because I'm getting older. For example, Harry Potter and Games of Thrones are really targeting younger generation while mostly starring young actors”.
Knott doesn’t look his age. On many occasions, he was cast as body double for other British stars when filming love scenes. “My fiancée of more than thirty years gets very shy about my appearances and so sometimes she rather walks to the back door and comes in very quietly when we are about to enter an event”, he says.

At the moment Knott gets mainly TV commercials. “I haven’t done any film work for quite a while because on the extra-large frame I've always been the fat chappy type of character. Recently we shot the Berocca campaign in Brighton. I was featured like I am having a shower in the bush then walking with a towel wrapped around me until a hippo comes out of the woodwork and charges at me. One day of shooting, tough work and good payment. However, our agents charges 33% commission”, he laughs

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