Nitin Mishra

Nitin Mishra

by Sherif Awad

He hails from the Uttar Pradesh state in India. Born and brought up in Moradabad, his parents are from Akbarpur near the holy city of Ayodhya
“We are three brothers”, reveals Mishra whose father was a government employee in Moradabad and mother was just a house wife. “My family lives in Lucknow, a capital of Uttar Pradesh. I am recently living in Delhi and usually go to Mumbai”.
When he was in the 12th grade, a friend of his brother told him about former miss world Priyanka Chopra who came from a near city called Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh. “He also told me about her achievements while belonging to a small city by crossing all the barriers only to be crowned as Miss World 2000... And so, from there I started to go to into art industry...”, says Mishra whose role models were eventually Chopra from Bollywood, Jennifer Lopez from Hollywood, John Abraham from India and Enrique Iglesias from Spain.

A New Artist

When I was doing BBA as graduation, I decided to become professional artist”, remembers Mishra who succeeded to join elite model management in Delhi where he acquired a certificate course in modelling, grooming and acting. “In my country India, so many challenges I faced up”, he adds. “Modelling is worst here and everyone in the modeling profession is robbing each other either in the name of registration money or sexual desires. Some organizers create fashion shows where they charge money from young boys and models without seeing their attributes or statistics”.
Bollywood is famous for its dancing and musical production. “In the TV and film industry, it is not easy to come as so much struggle is here”, explains Mishra. “I am a middle-class family guy and I don't have so much money to pay food and accommodation in Delhi and Mumbai. These two cities are too much costly to live if someone belongs to good financial background like the sons of businessman, celebrities, or politicians. They can go easily and survive there but for a middle-class family person, it is not easy to live there. So, these things are like hurdles in the way of getting success on TV and film”.

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