American Horror Story AHS Multiverse and Season 8

The eight season of American Horror Story (AHS) entitled 1984) has just returned this week for more scares.Inspired by slasher films of the era (Jason, Freddie and Michael Myers not to mention teen camps), the episodes star Emma “Eric”” Roberts and Gus Kenworthy.

Emma Roberts

The plotline will involve real-life serial killer Richard Ramirez, also known as “the Night Stalker,” in the new season. Ramirez, who was convicted of thirteen counts of murder in 1989, is played by Zach Villa. For hardcore “AHS” fans, Ramirez appeared in an episode of “AHS: Hotel,”That episode saw Ramirez’s ghost join serial killers John Wayne Gacy and Aileen Wuornos to visit the hotel and kill a married couple.
When the series started in 2011, viewers assumed that it would center on one  family “The Harmons” living in a haunted house. But when the second season started, the viewers discovered that the series is an anthology with each season revolving on new characters each year. Along with the influence of cinema multiverses (Marvel, DC,…), and when the seasons went on, viewers, critics and YouTubers started to speculate that the series take place in the same timeline and universe. We discovered that The Harmons the main protagonists of the first season that took place in LA are originally from Boston. Season 2’s Asylum was is primarily set in Briarcliff Manor which was constructed in Massachusetts. Although New Orleans was the main setting in season three’s Coven, the story was still very much inspired by the Salem witch trials. In season four entitled Freak Show starting 1964, a larger universe was confirmed in the first episode where we encounter a familiar face among Elsa Mars’ cabinet of curiosities is Pepper who first appeared in season two “Asylum” that took place in 1952. We also discover that Dr. Arthur Arden, the head of the asylum was as originally a Nazi criminal whose real name is Hans Grüper. In “Hotel”, the fifth season set in LA, we learn that the Cortez Hotel where the story took place is quite close to The Harmons. The hotel’s owner countess Elizabeth (Lady Gaga) also terminated her pregnancy with the help of Dr. Charles, the original owner of the “Murder House”. At the end of this season Queenie a main character from the third season “Coven” found herself at the hotel on vacation. In “Roanoke” or the sixth season that was made as a found footage experience à la “Paranormal Activity”, we discover that the piggy man who haunts the Roanoke House is directly tied to the urban legend that petrifies patient Derek in murder house. In last year’s eight season “Apocalypse”, the immortal which scoff is said to be
the original supreme a concept that was first explored in “Coven” where Edward Philippe
Mott who  has constructed the Roanoke mansion is an ancestor of Dandy and Gloria Mott
from Freakshow.

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