Rebecca L. Mahan

by Sherif Awad

Rebecca L. Mahan
-I come from Scotch-Irish and Italian descent then I grew up in the state of California, United States. My family is small but growing, as I am a proud mother of a beautiful and intelligent daughter, grandmother of a handsome, and very intelligent, young grandson, and mother-in-law of a well-respected gentleman.
-My interest in entertainment began at a young age. I was in ballet at a very young age, about six years-old. At nine, I enrolled in a jazz class and performed the finale in the city theatre.  I can remember doing plays and skits with friends and writing songs during this time period as well. At about the age of twelve, I auditioned for the junior high school choir, though was not selected. I remember, I had been singing in the church choir for a little while preceding that. In both elementary and junior high school, I performed in the talent shows, and in high school I was drawn to the campus theatre and drama students. Then one day while was sitting atop a picnic bench at a park, I was approached by a talent agent who gave me her business card. From that contact, I was able to appear as an extra (background person) in a few episodes of the television series MOONLIGHTING with Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd, then in the film THE RUNNING MAN with Arnold Schwarzenegger and the film called TOWN OF THE EIGHTIES.       I also once modeled on the runway for I. MAGNIN & COMPANY during that same time period. A few years later, I auditioned for a part as Lucille Ball. However, the role was cast to a veteran actress. I then took dance in college. My interest began with the start of taking classes and finding enjoyment from what I was learning.
-As impressionable as our childhood and teenage years are, the person who most comes to mind in terms of a role model would be Lucille Ball. This impression would have been developed in the later part of my teenage years. As far as much earlier, I don’t remember looking at one role model from the entertainment industry because I enjoyed a variety of artists and genres.
-Whatever field of the arts one decides to pursue, education is essential. Learning your craft and understanding the principles and basic parts are just the beginning of the journey. The first thing going into anything one does, to have the mindset that “to grow, you must keep learning.” Look, listen, and apply the things you learn. Adsorb everything you can. Be a sponge! As you do this, the foundation is set, then you can put your own twist and incorporate your skills and talents. In entertainment, and most fields, one has to “know the ropes” and understand how things are done. Studying and learning can be done by taking classes, reading as much as possible on a variety of components to your craft on the internet, going to different events and watching and noting everything that is taking place, and also getting as much hands on experience as possible, paid or otherwise.
-I am very content in my life where I have come in my journey. I am always eager to learn and grow. My goal is to reach people with my love to help others, whether to inspire, motivate, or help them overcome a struggle they face. Therefore, if my objective in helping others is reached across the globe, I would be okay with that. However, I don’t feel that I want to have all eyes on me for the sake of envy or for self profit. I feel that I have experience, tools, resources, and a great love for others that can be of better use by giving it away than keeping it locked within.
-I have been told that in entertainment, despite the era we live in now, gender is still an issue that is an undercurrent. Recently, I was having a conversation about this and the point made to me was to look at how little female directors there currently are. Unfortunately, there have also been a number of controversial criminal cases exposing things that females have had to contend within the industry. For me, I produce and host my own t.v./radio show. The largest challenge I face with that is marketing; I don’t see it as being a gender based challenge.
-In the United States, the entertainment field is exploding. There are so many venues now for current film and the film industry is taking place. Hollywood and New York used to be the biggies for location- that is where you had to go if you wanted to “get into the business.” Now, you can go to Atlanta, Georgia, or Austin or Dallas, Texas. Film online is unbelievable. There are now so many entertainment companies and streaming services.  A person now can get involved in film by being cast into a role that will be exclusive to Netflix or Amazon Prime, for example. Then you have YouTube and self promotion and podcasting. It’s big and the creativity that is being done within the industry is phenomenal.
-I embrace, appreciate, and feel honored being presented with an idea or something I can do to help someone. If someone has felt I am the right person fit for that situation, it is quite pleasing.
-I am a retired police officer. I started what I do now based on a program I created to reduce domestic violence and other trauma. I wrote a book and, while being interviewed on radio about the book, I found out that I loved radio. I felt I could impact more people positively this way.         I then created my own show, won a couple of awards for the show, and the journey led me to where I am now. I am able to schedule my time as I see fit and around those with whom I interviewed. I am very blessed.
-My current project is to continue my TV/radio show. Looking at what is to come… I have been working on a second book and hope to release it soon. Also, I recently had a very small role in the film I’VE GOT YOUR 6 which should release in 2020, This has inspired me to look into the possibility of becoming a little bit more involved in acting.

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