Cedric Wesley

by Sherif Awad
Cedric Wesley

-I was born and raised by my mom and dad in Palm Beach, FL. They moved there after my other brother Ron was born. My parents both and my brother are from Willacoochee, GA. My father left us when I was seven years-old. My mother was religious in my younger days until I was about ten. We believed in Christianity. I have a bachelor's in accounting from Florida Atlantic University and a master's in business administration from the University of Dubuque. It wasn't until my second grade arts teacher Mrs. Helms who enthused my passion for acting. I was in a play for my school in the second grade called the boxcar children. Me and another girl were the main characters in the play and I played Henry. We performed the play 3 different times on the same day. Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, and Jaleel White were my role models as far as acting. I gain experience when I'm studying and learning to become an artist. It also broadens my skill set as an actor every time I get to showcase it either it's a small project, a big project, being the main character or an extra. I also become more versatile every time I learn more about acting in a course or when it's hands in a play or on set. Acting comes very natural to me though. It is satisfying for me now as an actor because of the passion I have for acting. 

I'm able to go on different types of auditions in different towns and cities which allows me to interact with likeminded people. It also allows me to see different parts of the world in which I'm able to embrace different cultures' values. It would be satisfying for me to gain stardom because of the "big bucks" and fame that comes behind it. Having fame and the “big bucks” will give me a different way of moving or living which is very interesting to me, plus I would want to wake up every day and want to work. It is very competitive here to get a decent acting role especially if you're not an established person. Tyler Perry is a big name here when the acting industry is mentioned. He helps a lot of black and no named actors. I believe he helps the industry by bringing in new faces through his movies and plays in which his works are amazing. Atlanta, Hollywood, and New York are the more popular acting/modeling cities here. I would want to work with Ice Cube and Mike Epps on one of their types of movies because they are funny, popular, smart, and they are one of my favorite pairs. They dominate the acting market here with their style of acting. I would love to learn and develop a good acting skill set from them plus they seem fairly cool as people. I approach the works offered to me very focused and tend to be consistent and determined. Because I'm passionate about acting it's natural for me to give it my all. I also approach my works very humble and confident in which it would give me the best chance to act. I also like to research and gain the knowledge necessary for every project  so i can be well informed and know what's going on. As far as my current project, I am actively auditioning for different roles for plays and cinema. I am currently in the Hylton Casting database, who cast for different projects in Atlanta, mainly extra/cameo appearances. I was booked twice as an on the show survivor's remorse. I believe this is necessary to get my foot in the door. In the future in acting, I just want to become a relevant actor. Because I am still at the bottom of the totem pole as an actor my guarantee roles are extras and I receive them daily. I watch tutorial acting classes online to be up to date on acting. I have an audition in Valdosta Ga for a play this month at the theatre guild. I also have 3 popular monologues on video in which I have good comments and likes. If you need anymore info from me I would be glad to give you more. My pictures are attached. Thanks for the time spent reading this email. Hopefully me and you can achieve what we are looking for through our interaction. 
Here are the links to my monologues online...  


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