Mary Dallas

My name is Mary Dallas and I’m an actress from Los Angeles California.
I am a Greek American from Chicago Illinois. My parents migrated from Greece in the late 50’s. I decided to follow my dream to become an actress after a very painful divorce at the age of 48. My family tried to be as supportive as they could. As a child, I grew up watching Starsky & Hutch, The Mod Squad, Love Boat, Happy Days, Dallas…just to name a few. I always Imagined myself on all those shows. When I finally decided to take a chance on an acting career, I began doing background work. I was on the set of Glee, Grays Anatomy, an several reality tv show. My agent informed me that the very popular rapper ‘Macklemore’ chose me to co-star in his music video. I was terrified because I didn’t have any acting experience. Somehow, I made it through and immediately enrolled in acting class. My first mentor was the wonderful and talented Wendy Girard. After her classes ended, I enrolled in “In the Moment Acting Studio” our of Ontario California. My teacher, Thomas Ybarra, was amazing! He taught me everything that I needed to know. I immediately began auditioning for major TV shows, commercials and movies. I’ve booked many roles including the award winning film “Mr. Roberts” starring Basil Hoffman, written/produced/directed by the gifted Mike Timm (executive producer NBC Universal). I’m cast in the hilarious “Barbee Rehab” starring Tom Sizemore. Written/produced/directed and also starring Derek Orr/Vanessa Bednar from Iron Orr Productions. This show is about to premier on Amazon. When a producer approaches me about a project, I am honored. My dream is to act full time and be able to pay my bills. Gender has never been an issue for me personally. In my opinion, creativity is lacking in America. All I see are remakes. I’m a huge fan of a true story or any project with originality. I love hanging out with my friends, playing pool, having dinner with a nice bottle of wine, museum hopping, and watching my favorite shows. I also love a good book, but my primary focus is my acting career. 
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