Duets: Nadine & Marcus

Nadine & Marcus

We are Nadine & Marcus, opera singers and actors  who perform a repertoire made of Opera, Operetta, Evergreen and Folk with Italian Bel Canto voices. We are also university teachers of the History of Italy and partially of Europe, and of the History of Food. We have studied Opera singing since 2004 and we sing as Nadine – mezzo soprano, Marcus as Tenore. We have also attended some lessons in a theater school for: direction and comicality.
Nadine has a degree in science of communication, tourism and entertainment.theater school in Milano, opera singing. She worked in a multinational company for ten years.
Marcus has a degree in psychology: Some lessons in direction and acting school in Milan: worked as export manager for 35 years.Since we were children we had an interest in arts. Nadine made a theater school at the age of eighteen. Marcus liked to perform with guitar at the college writing also some funny songs taking fun of the teachers. We met at work in a multinational company, we got married in 2001 and in 2004 we escaped from the multinational company and we started to study show business in a professional way. We started working in an operetta group. Our models were mostly the Italian showmen from Theater and TV. Also for me, Nadine : Raffaella Carra, Madonna. As for Marcus: Dario Fo, Beatles.For acting our model is the Italian Comedy of the Art where you act with a simple storyboard and you have to improvise a lot.
We have discovered a natural talent in voice, but it is not sufficient, we had to study with a dedicated maestro (our was the director of choir of La Scala Theater in Milano and others).
-We think that today the internationalization is very important, as Italian we have a huge history coming from the Comedy of the Art and from Opera, and we think that we can bring a lot of experience worldwide for the improving of the quality of life through the good taste in everything: dressing, eating, singing and living. As we are married and we make the same job, our professional and private life is perfectly melting and we are very comfortable with that.
-The situation in Italy is now very sad. There is a lack of ideas and the society is really very cynical. We dream and need a new Renaissance in order to improve the life of the people.
-We approach all offered works very seriously. Every job, in line with what we do and we are able to do, is very important. We like to bring our strong values for the research of the good taste, education and good way of living everywhere.
-In Italy, on the top of show business, there is no meritocracy. They don’t give space to new talents and they still call to perform (badly) the old names of the show business which are now 75-80 years old and more.
-We would like to perform our Concert-Lessons on the History of Italian Song and Food worldwide. Promoting our culture, promoting our values for the good taste and inviting all the people to follow the path of the good living, of the respect of all cultures and races. Melting altogether in a new spiritual unity and freedom, with no more barriers of useless religious dogmas, food restrictions, mistrust and prejudice.
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