Cinema After Corona: with filmmaker Costas Chrysanthou, Cyprus

By Sherif Awad

Costas Chrysanthou

Costas Chrysanthou was born in Nicosia in 1979. In 2005, he was awarded the Bachelor in Arts from the Northern Film School (Leeds Metropolitan University). Since 2007 he holds the title Master in Arts in Film and Moving Image Production of the Northern Film School as Director/Producer. During his master degree studies, his films “Ode to Joy” and “The Odds” were selected and presented in various international film festivals. The short film “Ode to Joy” was distributed via Heritage International HM Entertainment in Australia. On his return to Cyprus in 2007, he has directed and produced a short film called “A Clock’s Dream” and a short documentary called “Dreams of Memory” both funded by the Cypriot Ministry of Education and Culture. Both films are currently displayed online from Culture Unplugged and the European Independent Film Festival online channel. Since October 2007 he is serving as submission judge in the European Independent film festival in France. Since February 2010 he is alumni of the Berlinale Talent Campus. In June 2013 he was selected as one of the 5 shortlist finalist, out of 180 entries for the Euroshotrs 2013 pitch with his idea “Travelling makes you younger”.

The Lighhouse

His latest short film The Lighthouse moves between reality and dreams as an old dying blacksmith tries to fulfil his long-time goal of building a lighthouse on a hill overseeing his village. Enters a young and curious boy who helps him while visiting his grandmother.

In our series of Cinema After Corona, Costas Chrysanthou joined us live to talk about status of filmmaking in Cyprus after the COVID-19.

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