Cinema After Corona: with filmmaker/film festival organiser Frederico Ruas, Brazil

by Sherif Awad

Frederico Ruas

Frederico Ruas is a partner at ANTI FILMES, a production company based in Porto Alegre, Brazil. He specialized in Screenplay, Direction and Editing after enrolling in the Unisinos Audiovisual Direction Course. In 2014, he released TERRAQUEOS – Vestiges of a Digital Era, his first feature that received Best Editing at the 2nd Noida International Film Festival (India), the Golden Award for Revelation in Documentary Editing and Best Editing at the International Movie Awards (Indonesia). He is co-creator of the series Lei de Gérson, ClímaXXX and A BENÇÃO (finalist at NETLABTV). He is the creator and director of the Paralelo 30 series, produced by the Prime Box Brazil channel. 

Since 2009, Ruas also co-organises Festival de Cinema da Fronteira (Festival of Cinema on the Border) that was born from the desire to occupy the restored Centro Histórico Vila de Santa Thereza, which, after decades of neglect. It is worth remembering that, at the time, Vila de Santa Thereza had a great structure, which involved theater, cinema and entertainment. The festival includes the screenings of short and long films in addition to workshops and several presentations. 
In our cycle on Cinema After Corona, both on and Frederico Ruas openly speaks about the current situation of filmmaking in Brazil before and After COVID-19…
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