Cinema After Corona: with filmmaker Xahid Khan, India

By Sherif Awad

Xahid Khan
In this Interview Cycle, we connect our website with our YouTube Channel: to discuss the effect of Coronavirus on filmmaking worldwide. By filmmaking: we mean film shooting, distribution, film festivals, online showcasing, etc…

Our first interviewee is filmmaker Xahid Khan from India Xahid who widely known for his short Alert – Condition: Red. Born in 1991 in a small village of Assam in North East India. A Business graduated done Diploma in Film making as well Diploma in Mass-Communication & Journalism. He started his career with his first Hindi film called Sand-The love without trust in 2015; it was screened throughout the small villages of Assam through mobile theaters and was loved by youngsters as well film lovers. After the success of sand he made Alert-Condition: Red which was semi finalist in Academy Awards Qualifying Film Festival “Best of Short Film Festival, Los Angles”. For Alert Condition: Red he got international recognitions and won many awards including Best Films and Best Directors awards. “Mistake” is his recent film which also started its round into many International, National as Well Regional Film Festival including Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival and won the best film awards in Emirates Short Film Festival ’19 in Dubai. He was also nominated for North East India’s Person of The Year in the year 2018 and made his name in the list of North East Top 500 influential people. He got India Star Icon Award in 2019. He currently works as Film making & Acting coach as well Filmmaker and Film Curator for few International & Regional film festivals in India.
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