Da’Rell Miller

by Sherif Awad

Da’Rell Miller

-Hi, my name is Da’Rell Miller born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. I’m a 29 year old CEO of my entertainment company called Royalti Virtue.  I got started in arts when I was a little kid who use to draw comics all the time. My senior year I started to become a hiphop artist and later on in 2018 I started to write, act and direct my own films. 

-My only role model in film is Will Smith. The reason why I can relate to being a artist and changing to a actor. Also, I love that he gives positive messages to fans that helps deals with real life issues we have in this world. Another thing is that he is not afraid to take certain roles and enjoys what he does no matter what. 

-Honestly I can’t really say what’s the right answer but what I did was watch a lot of classic films and projects I enjoyed. I would talk to my friends about what we liked from the film and what he didn’t. So for me I just started thinking about my childhood and what did I love about creating comics or playing video games. I will say is find a genre or genres you like and pay attention to certain action, dialogues, and shot scenes to understand how to create a project. 

-I love that me and my team are creating great projects without being funded. We don’t need to be worldwide known to be successful. We love that we are building our fan base slowly  but more personal connected.

-Yes, not only my gender as a young African and Native American man but racial challenges as well but I don’t focus on that. I focus on my team and dreams regardless what’s in my way. 

-In America creativity is getting better and more independent which I love because we don’t need Hollywood to make great films or a big budget to film create content. 

-The casting business is good so far for me, I only been film producing for two years now and my cast is awesome and enjoys what my team creates

-I first have to see how fun the project is or character I’m auditioning for. That’s the most important thing to me when it comes to working with other producers or projects. 

-After COVID-19, it is hard because a lot of people are scared to take chances in filming so a lot of projects are getting pushed back until this thing clears up. 

-My favorite achievement is my kids and teens cast loving the characters I have created for them in my project ParaGenex which is a superheroes web series that is original and based in Indiana and filmed in Indiana. 

-All we are doing is building a creative foundation with other creators around the world who loves filming and want the chance to create and have fun.  We have events and sports activities coming out soon we are working on and just staying productive. 

-I think about what’s going on in the world as of today to help with my music to bring positive messages or storytelling. As a hip-hop street dancer I just listen to the beat and move with it. I want to be one with my body motions and flow with the music. 

-To newcomers, I say: remember to have fun, know why your even want to be a filmmaker or do whatever it is you want to do. Build a team with people who understands your vision because teams is what going to make your dreams in reality. Always pay attention to other creators to see how you can evolve and build your brand and creative works. 

-I use my morals to help be around create artists like me and help others reach their goals. I never try to split the two, what I do is use positive energy and vibes with fun activities into both my personal and career. I want to create a peaceful environment in both areas. 

-My current is my original superheroes web series called ParaGenex that is coming out this year, and we are filming season 2 right now with short films. Our future projects is one called Eagle Vision that is a supernatural web series in Indiana and me and my business partner Tracey Wilkerson is writing a fighting action web series called Melee 12. 

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