Russell Crowe as Zeus in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

by Sherif Awad 

Russell Crowe

Veteran actor Russell Crowe recently revealed the character he will play in the upcoming Marvel movie Thor: Love and Thunder.

As per People Magazine, Crowe was speculated to be a part of the movie when he was seen in a photo with actor Chris Hemsworth and his wife.

Crowe seemed to confirm he’s starring in the upcoming fourth Thor movie, which has been filming in his native Australia.

The Oscar-winning actor appeared on an Australian radio show this week when he apparently revealed his role in the anticipated Marvel movie.

While speaking during an episode of the Australian radio program Joy Breakfast with The Murphys, Crowe revealed that he is playing Zeus, he said he is almost done playing his part in the movie.

It is not clear how Zeus and Thor, who are both thunder gods of their own respective pantheons, will encounter each other, but it is certainly going to be intriguing and exciting.

Some people may think that Russell Crowe came out of nowhere with the 2000 release of Ridley Scott’s Gladiator, but the man who would play the soldier-turned-gladiator had a noteworthy career for more than a decade before becoming a household name.

Deciding on which one of the Academy Award-winning actor’s roles is the best is no easy task, even for someone who lived through Russell Crowe’s heyday at the top of Hollywood.

Let’s consider Crowe’s performance as Hando, the leader of an Australian white nationalist gang in the 1992 neo-Nazi skinhead drama Romper Stomper.

Russell Crowe was no stranger to the western genre by the time he appeared in James Mangold’s 2007 action thriller 3:10 to Yuma, and it showed in his captivating performance as gang leader Ben Wade.

Released the same year as one of Russell Crowe’s biggest roles at the time, the 1999 sports comedy Mystery, Alaska came out just before the actor took his career to the level.

Often forgotten thanks to being overshadowed by bigger and better sports movies of the era, the story of a small group of amateur hockey players taking on the New York Rangers in an outdoor exhibition game is still a fun one to watch thanks to Crowe’s performance as local sheriff and team captain John Biebe.

Just six years after starring in Mystery, Alaska, Russell Crowe went back to the sports genre with the 2004 historical drama Cinderella Man in which he plays James J.

Despite not being talked about enough in the 21 years since its 1999 release, Michael Mann’s The Insider is one of the best written and directed corporate crime thriller to hit theaters, and that’s before taking the phenomenal performances by Russell Crowe and Al Pacino into consideration.

Russell Crowe would master the art of portraying someone dealing with paranoia several years later in A Beautiful Mind, but his work in The Insider laid the groundwork for his depiction of John Nash.

Russell Crowe was firing on all cylinders in his portrayal of the acclaimed yet troubled American mathematician John Nash in Ron Howard’s 2001 biographical drama A Beautiful Mind.

While some of the details of John Nash’s mental illness were stretched to be more dramatic for the Academy Award-winning film, that shouldn’t take away from the masterful depiction of a man in crisis carried out by Russell Crowe, especially when he is being carried away in mental hospital or when cracking the Soviet codes at the Pentagon.

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