Hazar Deniz BG

by Sherif Awad

Hazar Deniz BG

I was born 1998 in Hatay İskenderun.

I was the youngest child in a family of 8 people. I wanted to be an astronaut.Country conditions were not prone to this. Much thought. When I was watching a movie with my brother Roni at the age of 8, I said I could shoot better than this movie.We made a bet.It was a rainy day. I asked all the neighbors to knock on their door and send their children to us for my movie to shoot.We gathered 20 people. I shot a movie with the webcam. Like a joke.That day I realized that art is an indispensable part of me.It all started with a claim and curiosity.If the subject is art, there is no such thing as impossible for me.

As a kid, Bruce Lee was my role models for Shah Rukh Khan, Jennifer Lawrence, and my brother Ezra Els. I am taking my future role as a model with the experiences I will gain in life.

I say to creators: Listen to your inner voice. Brainstorm is very important. Create the environment that inspires you. Focus on the work you want to accomplish by eliminating negative energy.This is how I caught success in my life. I also believed in time. When I write a script or carry out a project, time is a good friend for me. Sometimes creativity comes with time. The proof of this is that I won more than 5 awards for my short film, which I shot as an improvisation believing that the time has come. Believe, persevere, work but never impatience.Never be put off. Listen for sudden sounds. Think carefully and run into that project as soon as you believe it.

I am indispensable to gain experience. This will end when I die.I want to meet the experienced Hazar in the future.There is a lot to learn. I am 23 years old.I am walking internationally towards success.I have achieved and achieved whatever I wanted in my life. Make sure we have hundreds of projects and awards in the future. Best regards.

There is nothing that I cannot overcome because I have accomplished everything that seems impossible. I love my profession. That’s why I don’t have any difficulties. I am writing. I’m shooting. I’m playing my role. I’m editing. We are making music with Ezra Bey. I am a versatile director. I do at least 9 jobs in a project.

-The number of creative projects in my country is less than 5 percent. All similar projects. They owe their traceability to famous actors. Young talents and productions flocked to online platforms as new projects and productions were not included. Upon this, the producers started to quit TV and create an online platform. I now have an OTT Platform that I founded. Merbar Originals We wait you to Merbar Originals, where we will host very high quality works.

P.S: Do not look that Turkey is very good in the world TV series market.

-People are like diamonds to me.They need me to process them.This is my life metaphor.I’ve always processed myself like a diamond.I went deep into the mine inside.And I introduced you to Hazar.

-For new projects: I look for Quality, Team, Sincerity, Honesty and good script. I do not participate in projects I do not believe. I write and create from scratch.

-The fact that my short film, which I shot in the streets in the morning due to the impossibilities that no one believes, has received nearly 8 awards in the world, has made me gain the world.I played a madman in a mental hospital fighting with 7 different personalities at the same time.Also, I took care of everything for this short film. Like I do cameraman and play and manage at the same time.Everyone said I was crazy playing this role. This was the full meaning of success for me.

-I work as a director, I write a script, I edit, I write books, I compose music. My rap songs are available on music platforms. I also have an album from the projects I composed music. I am a CGI producer, including music production. I set up the OTT platform, where hundreds of young talents will be embraced and broadcast their theater plays and series and short film projects. I am the CEO of Merbar Production Company. Most importantly, I am 23 years old.

-I write and compose myself. My sister is a sound artist. I grew up with music since childhood. My sister Nuhat used to sing songs, my brother Memet played baglama and sang songs, and my brother Tarık used to play korg.I grew up with concerts given by my sisters. I can say that it is the habit of feeding the soul that was left to me from my family.I have an active name in digital marketing and I am the CEO of a production company, so I can distribute my works more easily in the digital market. The heart has a good rhythm.I compose and do my songs and choreographs to his rhythm.I create never choose. I dominate time, planning, taking notes, creating a timetable, balancing.

-You can follow my current and projects via IMDb. Currently, there are about 25 projects that I have undertaken for Merbar Original OTT platform. Series, Movies, Short films, TV shows and new formats are available. I have even prepared their music already. I have a solid team and fast, qualified employees. If no problems arise, there will be nearly 20 projects (films, programs, short films, documentaries) I have managed in 4 years and more than 200 soundtracks, songs, and rap works that I have composed.

Hazar Deniz BG

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