Cinema Artificial Intelligence II

 by Sherif Awad

Cinema Artificial Intelligence II

Pre-Production & Post Production: Preparation for filmmaking can be complicated with several challenging tasks involved.

A film’s success often depends on the marketing strategies used by marketers to ensure that it reaches the correct audiences and excites them enough to want to watch the movie.

This process is very difficult to execute, the great news is that Artificial Intelligence can be used to orchestrate clear strategies and garner significant attention from keen film audiences.

It can be used to analyse audience bases, move popularity and any individual actor’s social influence across the world.

Movie studios can plan their marketing campaigns according to geographical location and target their efforts towards the regions where they’d expect a higher interest and see a greater return on marketing spend.

Distributors can use data from social media sites such as Facebook to understand audience interests and target them with personalised advertising.

The technology can analyse important data that helps to schedule filming dates on a producer’s behalf.

It can analyse scripts and screenplays, to recognise the locations described in them, it can recommend real world suggestions where directors can plan to shoot a scene — this is likely to work wonders when hoping to save time and look for cheaper locations to film.

With regards to post production, a film’s trailer is typically the beacon of illumination that brings film fans to the cinema.

Artificial Intelligence can be used to support film editors in creation of exciting trailers.

IBM Watson used machine learning technique to analyse hundreds of hours of thriller & horror movie trailers to learn what holds audiences attention spans.

Scripts: For any film production company, choosing to work on a great script that will gain impact, generate revenues and bring fans enjoyment is important.

Using Artificial Intelligence can be given large amounts of data in the form of previous film scripts and sometimes books that can be adapted into movies, it can analyse that data, learn from it and derive unique script ideas.

The benefits of this is that it can help filmmakers produce films of a higher standard, while saving time.

Artificial Intelligence can be used to analyse and predict the likely success of a film, it is true that analyses may not always be 100% accurate.

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