-My family has been in the entertainment field for years. My mom who was born and raised in America is a fashion designer and producer in the film industry. My dad who from Middle-Eastern origins also worked in the entertainment industry. My uncle is the rapper Lazarus. So it’s  pretty much in my blood to entertain.  I love all forms of entertainment: in dancing: Misty Copeland, in acting Bette Midler, Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Amrita Acharia, Natassia Halabi and Sophia Ali.
-I’ve  trained with different people and learn something new each time All I can say to someone new in the business is never stop learning and growing. I love to entertain and I would love to achieve worldwide stardom if its meant to be it will happen! but for now I am happy with where I am now. There are always challenges no matter what line of work your in …I just know I will move mountains to overcome obstacles.
-In the U.S. we have many opportunities to work in film I have been blessed to work on many projects many genes and many formats. I love to work on projects that uplift women and are empowering roles for women.
-I am a pretty private person so I do like to keep work and home life separate. However I’m a workaholic so most of the time I focus on the work I love and so it’s not really work:I get paid to do what I love.
-I just finished a docudrama to show the signs to look for in sex trafficking. I am also working on a TV show called JOE VS JOE where I play the role of Jasmine Daniels the daughter of the Daniel family.
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Sherif M. Awad
Sherif M. Awad
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