How to Write A Winning Entertainment Article That Gets The Most Traffic To Your Website? AdWords’ Keyword Planner Will be Your Guide…

by Sherif M. Awad 

How to Write A Winning Entertainment Article That Gets The Most Traffic To Your Website? AdWords' Keyword Planner Will be Your Guide...

What makes a story go viral? What are the essential ingredients for a blockbuster entertainment article that will have people clicking and sharing like crazy?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the recipe for virality will vary depending on the topic and audience. However, there are some general principles that you can keep in mind when writing your next entertainment piece, that will help increase your chances of success.

In this article, we will break down the key factors that make an entertainment story go viral, and give you a few tips on how to write an article that will get the most traffic to your website.

1. What Is Entertainment Article Writing?

“Hey, my name is Sherif M. Awad, and I’m a film critic, content creator, curator since 1990.

I write about psychology, news, society, and good ol’ advice for my readers and contributors, and this is something I want to share with you, too.

Let me show you how you can and should write your own entertaining story.

The goal of your entertainment piece shouldn’t be getting as much people as possible to read your piece. Instead, you want to capture your audience within the space of a few minutes or an hour yet when you read it later or share it online you won’t even recall who you are as a writer, what your piece was about exactly, or even why you clicked that link.

You want to share your story because your audience is sharing, commenting, and sharing your story here. Let me show you how to do this by giving a few distinct tips on writing a story that goes viral.

The most important tactic is basically creating a story that won’t end.

You want to give people more to think about in your article because the more they are thinking about your words, your ideas and your conclusion, then they are going to share your piece with their audience.

Generally speaking, people try to skip it because there is nothing left to think about so they abandon your story.

2. When to Use the Right Entertainment Topic for Your Website/Blog

RT @carolB_ Keep the sleaze out of your articles; so tough to write about you’ve done anything shocking.

Moreover, most people look to become your best friend and escape into your articles like they’re reading an exquisite novel.

So make sure these people stay and that’s what they should probably be doing. People enjoy the hugs, but they also like the conflict, drama, and intrigue in books, movies, and television.

So know your audience well and tell their stories.

Also don’t be cheap.

Unfortunately, a weak headline can do more damage to your entertainment piece than good writing.

Getting attention is easy.

Writing a killer headline shows you have fun with reading articles or your work, and it shows your audience that you know what you are doing.

Remember: you only get one chance to write your first headline.

3. How to Write High Quality Articles for Brand Relevance Using Google AdWord’s Keyword Planner?

As content drives traffic to any website, there are different types of content falling in two classes.

Content that instructs users to act or solve someone’s problem can be more educational, and is considered instructional content.

Content that crams in an awful lot of entertainment or interesting facts, surveys, or challenges can be fun, but lacks proper instruction.

Requires all its readers’ interest since won’t have any clear benefits for readers.

Neither of these content types are going to be helpful to you in terms of educational benefits, so steer clear if this is your goal.

An easy to read but mind-bending read can create a sense of satisfaction that won’t leave people feeling like their mind just exploded.

At the same time, it has to be engaging enough for readers to want to move on after reading a few pages.

If this is what you are looking for — a deep read that educates but also challenges the brain — you will need to give more space to education than entertainment.

Some important tips to keep in mind here are:

• Become obsessed with the concept you want to solve.

• Be yourself but be unique in it.

• Don’t be verbose, but whenever possible, add supporting links with a statistic.

4. Introduction

An introductory paragraph is the last paragraph in the piece. It is usually meant to strike a chord with the audience that may be new to or unfamiliar with the topic and push them to keep reading.

It should strike a chord of concord, motivating the audience to continue reading. So, effectivly letting you know, that this part of the plot is not going where they expected it to go.

Using the goal of the article as one of its guiding principles is good. Can’t write anything without a certain goal in mind. And you should be able to write a great entertainment article without any ideas, by simply writing a list of some of the Next Level Tips friends have taught me.

5. Step By Step Writing a Winning Entertainment Article

Followers actually love a new topic that will make them sigh, laugh, fall in laughter, and relate. It is the reason that the entertainment industry is an incredible source of inspiration for writers everywhere.

A successful entertainment article will make people laugh, sigh, laugh, or feel emotional.

⭐Comment and share if you are asstastic

From an entertainment perspective, followers love to learn new things,, laugh, smile, rejoice, and sometimes really overdose.

An article that gives some useful content for the group or is fun to read is able to get a lot of sharebacks.

This is also true for topics that inspire you, those where you can smile and feel happy, and so on.

⭐ The followers are looking for a humanization, a level in which they can relate too, because they spend so much time scrolling the endless stream of junk their social media platform give them.

⭐ Humans have the tendency to form close relationships with people who care for them. Because authors are, like us, also humans, they understand that sentiment is a singular, powerful force.

⭐ When someone shows us that he cares and that he’s interested in us, our hearts beat slightly faster, and we pay attention to what he’s saying. By nature, we are looking to be liked, to follow what his mind is thinking because the heart dictates what happens, but the mind influences the heart.

6. Conclusion

An entertainment article that is widely shared is one of the best methods to increase your traffic massively.

People will share a viral article that helps them learn more about a topic that they are interested in.

That’s why for entertainment articles, we have such a diverse audience.

After we run a campaign on this topic, we found there weren’t many successful attempts on that topic, so we decided to test it more thoroughly.

Our method was like a gold mine at the time.

There are a number of different ways to approach writing an article that will generate traffic for your website. In this article, we’ll focus specifically on the entertainment genre, and give you some tips on how to write an article that is both entertaining and informative.

The first step is to do some keyword research. This will help you to identify the topics that are most relevant to your audience. Once you have a list of keywords, you can use Google’s Keyword Planner to get information on how much traffic each one generates.

Once you have your keywords, it’s time to start writing. Remember to keep your audience in mind, and make sure that your article is both entertaining and informative. You also want to make sure that you use your keywords throughout the article, including in the title, the introduction, and in the body of the text.

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